Tuesday, December 21, 2010


On December 5, 2010, ACC experienced its first parade: Hatters' Madness. I will be editing a film of the event due sometime in Spring next year. At present I am finishing up the catalog which you will be able to pick up for free at my Museum Shop on the ACC Alpha sim. I will write more about the parade in later blogs, as it was the first of many I am planning (The next is the March Hare, beginning March 26, 2011).
Following is an excerpt from my announcement about the parade:


Ever wondered what it would be like to step inside somebody's head... walk over their thoughts? You can you know, on Sunday morning, Dec. 5 at 10 am SL time. Nine artists, builders, and scriptors have made greatly oversized builds they wear like hats, into which you are invited to walk while they are still being worn. Get into the minds of these creative people by interacting with their spaces.

The parade begins at 10 am SL time, as the nine exhibitors cross the high narrow bridge to gain the parade grounds. Each one of them will be introduced with a minute or two to do whatever they wish at the starting point, while wearing their hats of a calibre you will never witness in RL. When all have been on stage, the parade begins. Some hats reach as high as two or three stories, and may wobble madly from side to side as the hatters negotiate a couple laps around the arena. When they have finished the laps, the spectators are invited to climb aboard. It's time to explore.

At around 11 am, it's your turn to join the procession. I will lead you all down to the North Wing Gallery for the reception of Lilia Artis' exhibit "Tides of water, tides of light". The artworks are visual and also described through accompanying verses Lilia incorporates into her pieces. Her canvases bring out our own self reflexion.

Please join us for this event which promises to delight!


Cherry Manga's hat modeled by Haveit Neox

Derek Michelson collaborating with Thrice Skyward

Gina Broono

Higher Enoch

Lilia Artis

Marcco Andretti's hat modeled by Florian Harcourt

Sea Warcliffe

Skywave Silvercloud

Strat Inshan

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