Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Café : Paperback Pixels

A date such as 1 11 11 brings out the creative impulse in me. I wanted to have my new Paperback Pixels café up and running for guests at What’s The News Hunt by today - and I did! The first discussion group held on my sim was high in the sky, now I am bringing it down to earth... quite literally, as most of the build tunnels into a hillside, joining the cliffside village to the subterranean library. Enjoy coffee, snacks and drinks. If you are interested in such discussions as poetry or the visual arts, please let me know and I’ll keep you posted.

To visit the Paperback Pixels café, check ACC café. It’s in my picks (Haveit Neox). And remember to pick up your free gift for the What’s The New Hunt at the Museum Shop on my sim. Happy 11th !

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The One One Eleven Room, at Darkrodin Pier

I remodeled a skybox purchased at Abiss, and placed it atop the Darkrodin pier. Being that it is the only build in ACC from which I didn't start from scratch, I have been working to make the large square prefab room fit upon my older build: the smaller rectangular ground floor room that supports it. I bought the room because it has shadow textures baked into the interior walls, floor and ceiling. Next came breaking open some walls, retexturing the exterior, and furnishing the space. Enjoy the views which give onto the Bay, onto Heralds' Knoll, and onto the sunken jungle of Canopy Maze.

The room contains posters of venues outside of ACC Alpha. This is like a travel agency in that respect. Landmarks and/or web links are generally available when clicking on the posters.

Because I completed the basis of the new room on 1/1/11, I call it the 1 1 11 room. The four pillars at the entry are evident of this nomenclature.

Below is the URL to the ONE ONE ELEVEN room.