Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Lobby, with entry to room 201 in forground.

Aerial view of the Caravan Inn, with some nearby amenities.
A pool was added to room 200.  Pass your mouse over the rim of the pool
and you will see your cursor switch to the chair icon in several places
and even on the lion fountain ledge, where you can click
to sit - or wade in this case.

     Gardens are nice, museums and galleries are nice, and restaurants are nice to park your avatar during a visit, but what if you want to feel at home at Accentaury? A couple days ago, remodeling of the building at Alphabet Wash Fountain began, converting it into a hotel. Here, you can kick back and relax in the comforts of home. There is a fully functional bathroom, a bed, and seating. Artwork on the walls are very fine works by SL artists. Each room has a unique view onto the Caravan Terminus neighborhood. Room 200 has an additional panoramic view onto the museum way below the cliff. Though the architecture of the buildings and the furnishings are similar, the feel and layout of each room differ greatly. Try them out for your best fit. No reservations necessary. If a room is not being occupied, it's yours, but don't hold your breath waiting for room service. The lobby joins rooms 201 and 202, but room 200 is off on its own. The Menagerie Court Restaurant, Cake Thieves Patisserie, and Dog Wears A Bib Cafe are in the immediate vicinity.

ROOM 200

ROOM 201

ROOM 202

There's lots of spray coming off the waterfall fountain at Alphabet Wash. You will see an umbrella provided in rooms 201 and 202. Enjoy your stay!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Building and decorating frenzies.

Darkrodin's Sketchbook, sometimes called the Paper Village, finds its habitable spaces.

     For the past couple months, I have been remodeling several areas in the city of Accentaury. Some are mentioned in previous posts, but more recently, due to a suggestion by Lilia Artis, I am addressing the quarter called Darkrodin’s Sketchbook. There had been only a couple furnished houses in this cluster of charcoal sketch facades, the remainder of the buildings were simple hollowed cubes with textures inside and out, but not habitable spaces. That is different now. Most of the structures are finally accessible. Both Lilia and I are shopping like mad to furnish the new spaces. She brilliantly decorated the Parrot Troubadour Café and the Gemusy Market.

Lilia and I sit in a small corner of the Parrot Troubadour Cafe, between two
cat pastels made by Silas Merlin.

The Parrot Troubadour Cafe, furnished by Lilia Artis

Another view in the Parrot Troubadour Cafe.

Gemusy Market. This old square is refreshed by Lilia's choice of a vegetable
and fruit market. Her birds and cats give it a realistic charm.

Gemusy Market looks onto the distant waterfall.

Silas Merlin's works (pastels and sculpture), which are to be found in many areas of the sim, have a dedicated showcase in the newly remodeled room called the Curious Butterfly.

Silas Merlin's works can be found at the Curious Butterfly.

Lilia also furnished the Stargazer’s Sanctuary. 

The Stargazer's Sanctuary. Interior furnished by Lilia Artis.

     I’ve done a major remodel to the interior of the Library of Darkrodin, removing the waterfalls, opacifying the floor, rearranging the furniture, etc. Lilia will set up the little bookstand/snack area at the much enlarged opening onto North Shore. For now, I’m only posting pictures of the finished areas. There is more to come as spaces are filled. Make sure to have your sounds enabled when you visit the Parrot Troubadour Café, as Lilia has endowed the comfortable space with a number of parrots chirping pleasantly adding to the enchanting atmosphere she created.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Haul

Today is the opening of my exhibit "The Haul" at the MetaLES sim. Below, is the flyer with information about it. Please note that I also give a tour of the installation in the film on vimeo.

Poster created by Ux Hax

by Haveit Neox
@ MetaLES ..O..
February 5 to March 31, 2017

Hauling, on land and in the sea.
Exploring limits and bypassing any respect for them, while stringing our catch into a growing story.

I am very grateful to the generosity of Metales for having invited me.

There is a film tour of the installation on vimeo which you can watch here:

Additional information about my works:
Haveit Neox, 3D installation artist, and creator of indigenous centaur architecture on the sims ACC Alpha, and Sparquerry.

ACC Alpha sim. Please click to visit the Visitor Center