Wednesday, June 19, 2013


“LOST ALPHABET” comes down on June 30, 2013

     It seems only a couple weeks ago that I set up my story “Lost Alphabet” in the city of La Citta Perduta. But in fact, it’s been three months! It was wonderful to be a part of Sivi Kelberry’s and Akilae Gant’s beautifully built sim. As I get ready to bid farewell to what was a most enjoyable project, I made a film of the story that takes the viewer on a tour of the installation. The picture above is an excerpt from the movie.

     Akilae and Sivi have had many installations in their La Citta Perduta sim (Lost Town). I count myself most fortunate to have been a participant, and there will be others following mine. It’s a good idea to take a landmark if you visit La Citta Perduta (the name of the sim is ‘Land of Glory’). You are guaranteed a new look and story within the city. Just before my installation, was one by Yooma Mayo. Towering mechanical elephants walked through the city, their legs rising many stories high, and enormous acrobats with the most graceful prim sculpting ventured across the sky on tight ropes suspended from elephant to elephant. Only Sivi and Akilae know what is next in the future for La Citta Perduta. As for me, I am most curious to see what the futureS bring to this city that I adore!

     Please scroll down for previous posts for information about “Lost Alphabet”.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A RUSTED DEVELOPMENT. Coming Down This WeekEnd

     When Rowan Derryth invited me to build the city for A Rusted Development, I had no idea its proposed run of 2 or 3 months would be extended into a little over a year! Talented artists filled the city with their amazing creations (please see detailed info about this in my entries about A Rusted Development earlier in this blog). But this weekend (June 9 and 10), our time is up, and the exhibit must be removed to make room for the next artist.

     Ziki Questi, one of the artists who set up her installation (of scripted landscape art which falls from the sky, or decomposes upon a visitor’s approach) within the Rusted Development city, informed me yesterday that a couple scenes from the show are included in episode 7 of the Drax Files. If you haven’t seen this series, I suggest watching the episodes for well-presented information about Second Life. Each episode takes a theme, and Rusted Development was fortunate to figure into the series.

Click HERE (or the line above) to watch the film. A Rusted Development is seen toward the early part of the film between 1:02 and 1:23. That’s a FULL 21 seconds! Hope you enjoy it. And please make sure to watch the other episodes too, they are all fun and of fine quality.

My heartfelt thanks to Rowan Derryth and all the incredible artists who participated with their outrageously creative imaginations.