Thursday, January 12, 2012

A poem by Hypatia Pickens

My exhibit, Second Libations, is the subject of some truly excellent machinimas by talented SL filmmakers. I have placed links to see them in the previous post below.

Last night I received notice of yet another treat. A masterfully produced film made by Hypatia Pickens. This film harbors several unusual surprises. Besides the splendid well of cinematography, Hypatia has an insider point of view. She was actually one of the 10 people who submitted a text to Second Libations. Her poem "Instructions from the Dead on How to Recall the Source Code" became the subject for her film of the same title. Her written page, quill, and inkwell were displayed along with the other stories inside the Librarynth, and consequently, several of her scenes take place in that section of the exhibit. The story sets existence in reverse, in a way that will become evident as you watch the scenes unfold, as you hear the story told in Hypatia's voice.

Hypatia literally slaved over the movie, enduring the kinds of physical pains indicative of the creatively obsessed at their computers for hours on end. After some weeks of most careful work, the following film results:


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My exhibit SECOND LIBATIONS came to a fiery end on New Years. The transition from 2011 to 2012 brought the temple and colossus down in much added color and physical effects. If you weren't able to see the installation, please check out some of the blogs and machinima that I've found on the subject. Click on the links below. My thanks to these generous people for their fine coverage of the show, which preserves the exhibit through individual perspectives. Happy New Year :)



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