Monday, December 31, 2012

One Year Ago

Clip from the film.

One year ago today, was the final day of my exhibit Second Libations on the sim LEA6. After its month run, ending on Dec 31, 2011, I wasn’t alone when disassembling the builds. Friends and visitors gathered on a stage platform to observe the crumbling of Second Libations, which I portrayed in story form. My friend Lilia Artis helped me out tremendously by monitoring the local chat and pasting the story there as I applied the pages of text onto a board inWorld for the audience to read.

Here are two films showing a couple glimpses into that performance, parts one and two, by  NicoleX Moonwall. It documents some of the destruction.

Have a happy New Year everyone!


Sunday, December 30, 2012


As a yearend project, I decided to work more on my prim writing system, which I call PrimChords. A month or two ago, I reworked and simplified the grammar, then lost my notes. The final days of 2012 inspired me to work with it again. In order to figure out a system, it has to be used, so currently I’m slowly translating a book recently purchased about writing an artist’s journal. I had kept artist journals for years before, written in both English and a language I invented. The last few years, I let that fall aside, but feel now is the time to return to that practice. The author of the artist journal book has fresh ideas that are very inspiring. I’ve only reached the beginning of chapter two, because I’m following the exercises. This really isn’t a new year’s resolution, but something that could hold value for expressive needs.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 12 12 at 12:12

Happy 12/12/12
It’s 12:12 pm SL time while I write this blog entry. Just wanted to celebrate the lineup of twelves. This may be the last time this happens for some mathematically long period of time. I enjoy it when numbers occasionally line up in rare repetitions. Perhaps I will build some kind of statue on my sim to commemorate the alignment of these five 12’s.
Progress on the Mediterranean sim is coming along. Two days ago, I made a quick map of their sim, so I can better acquaint myself with the intricacies of the town. Making a map really got me in tune with the space, seeing not only where surface textures define the look of the town, but how the creators arranged public facilities, and the extensive underground tunnels that riddle the urban setting.
I’ll post more about this as the project develops. (more info is in the previous post).

Saturday, December 8, 2012

DEC 8, 2012... my 3rd year rezz day

My friend Lilia Artis, sent me a happy rezz day gift... which I wear on my shoulder... and it quacks. Had it not been for her, I would not have remembered today is my rezz day.

The duck standing on my shoulder wears a sock over her mouth. 

I have a lot to celebrate. SL has been very good to me. In fact, I have received a very generous offer to set up a full sim exhibit right inside a gorgeous Mediterranean town. The builders of this three year old town periodically invite an artist to grow their exhibit from the preexisting city-scape, in a style that will complement the style of the town.  My contribution is due to open in March, 2013. This photo, to celebrate my rezz day is taken inside the Teatro of that town. None of my work is yet on their sim, but I'll post more information at a later date. In case the organizers of the town prefer not to make announcements until the nearing date, I'll hold back on naming the sim until I get their approval to do so. What I can tell you at this time however, is that the exhibit will have a curious twist on the alphabet.

Having a great rezz day :)