Sunday, January 17, 2016

D-LAB and LIZAIL at Maze Gardens

I'm sitting on the reclining chair on the 'shipwreck'. Toward the center
of the photo, is the new castle I built, but used the D-Lab tree tops for the domes.
The sheep on the roof, of course, is a chair to sit on!

     Is there no end to my shopping at the toy store! A few days ago, I made a film about the new train set at Maze Gardens. Click HERE to watch my film, though after only a day or two, the set up has changed quite a bit. Just about everything in the D-Lab and Lizail shops seems to fit my needs for this public space. They are fun, colorful, interactive, and very high quality. The shipwreck, a tree stump next to a duck, and the sheep are all 'chairs'... click to sit for a variety of positions. No doubt I will continue to make adjustments to this train terrace over time. One of the pleasures of the D-Lab + LIZAIL line, is that the scripts allow random behavior, so you never know where the little piccoli people are headed to next. Also notice that the wheels on the train cars do turn as they travel along the tracks. At the station, the trains stop for a few seconds. I love the attention to details like these.

     Confession: When I saw the trains in the shop, I couldn't wait to set it up. I found a video later that describes the proper way to connect the tracks. It's so simple. I wish I'd watched that first. I aligned the tracks by eye, so the joints are not perfect, but you know what... that doesn't matter. The scripting is so good, that my imperfect joints don't prevent the train from functioning. It still runs smoothly. I had spent some time aligning the tracks by eye, when the process could have taken only 15 minutes, had I followed the instructions. Watch HERE for an impressive display of the proper way to align the tracks for the Railroad Poppo.

A visitor to the train terrace at Maze Gardens
came by to discuss programs for shy trees with a couple of concerned sheep.

Photograph courtesy of Art Oluja

     The miniature architectural elements I added on the terrace today are variations of the surrounding Topiary Fortress which holds up much of Maze Gardens. In this way, the toy-like additions still fit within the context of the style of the ACC Alpha sim.


"Fading Mask"

Showing at the gallery 'Berg by Nordan Art' from Jan 3, to March 31, 2016 is my exhibit called Fading Mask. It is on the ground level of the sim. I have found a few references listed below, of people who have written or filmed about the exhibit.

Distant view of the exhibit. Please watch films below to see details.

At the Berg gallery, there are always two exhibits being shown at the same time. My installation is on the ground level over the ocean, while up in the sky are photographs by Mich Michabo. Tutsy Navarathna made a film about the opening reception which shows both exhibits.

Film by Tutsy:
Berg by Nordan Art, Opening January 2016

Article by Ziki Questi:

Films by Haveit Neox:

2. Fading Mask. Extended music score.


Thursday, September 24, 2015


A miniature Piccoli world on a terrace within Maze Gardens.

     I went shopping today after speaking with a friend who has a collection of interactive animated little figures. Hers were birds. Intrigued, I went to the shop and found the Piccoli2 line. I believe the makers are d-lab and Lizail. The selection of toys and fantasy-like trees kept me busy for a long time, and I returned home to ACC Alpha loaded down with new treasures for the sim. I replaced some of the older trees at MAZE GARDENS with the new colorful ones, and transformed a terrace into a miniature woods for the new Piccoli figures. Each figure has a home base that you rezz, and once done, the figures (called dolls) interact by travelling between the various bases. They water the plants, they sit on mushrooms, and due to their slow yet nearly constant motion, I made a new texture for the ground on one of the terraces in Maze Gardens: a patch of moss with little roads for the busy little inhabitants. The tree trunks of this area are chairs. Click to sit on them, and enjoy this curious little civilization as if you were Gulliver.

The Visitor Center is not wall to wall carpeted, but wall to wall watered.
Enjoy the Crossroads game on the wall. Fair warning: it is addictive. 

     A couple days earlier, I'd worked on the Visitor Center. It's across the Paper Tower Court from the newly remodeled spa. As if there weren't enough water up there, I decided to go even further with the water motif at the Visitor Center. I bought a pool. It wasn't modify, so I had to cover much of the decking with my own prims, and grind my teeth just a bit, for the pool (and the jacuzzi at the spa, for that matter) do not have copy/mod permissions. To accommodate this pool which was too large for the space, I thinned down the side walls of the building, and did some fancy positioning of the new aquatic feature. Unfortunately there was a camp fire by the pool, and a shower. Being no mod, I extended a sand dune to hide the fire that is not separable from the pool. A few flames still shoot up past the sand. You can impress your friends by your fire walking, or bring some veggies on a skewer to roast there. Inside the Visitor Center are posters with information about the sim, and a link to suggested music to listen to while walking around the city. By chance, the wide view from the Center onto Maze Gardens, now enjoys the scene of the Piccoli figures roaming around the middle terrace. While in the pool, click the dark brown areas of the deck, or the shower to get a blue menu. There are ample animations to enjoy using the pool, and cooling off your feet in case you did do some fire walking after all.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Spa at ACC Alpha

Not shown in the picture above are the tub and the shower, but you can see
a slice of the stream behind the masseur.

     The public bath is a key feature in many cultures across the world, and across time. In such countries, the bath is a place where people take cures, or socialize. ACC Alpha joins in, and so I remodeled the interior of a pavilion on the Paper Tower Court. It is currently set up like a spa with semi private areas, all with views onto Equus Fields outside the huge moving window. My hope is that people visiting will relax with their thoughts as if at home.

A day after writing this post, I found a jacuzzi that sits three. I placed one of
Lilia Artis' poem paintings on the wall there, and also a functional
tic tac toe game. This view is looking out toward Paper Tower Court.

     This new establishment on the Paper Tower Court, rests atop one of the oldest surviving structures of early ACC Alpha history. The colonnade supporting the Court was built in early 2010. The buildings atop the colonnade were once in the shape of a drum, but in later years, the walls were broken into sections to eventually yield the three pavilions we see today. The spa is in one of these updated structures.

     If you do some of your best thinking in the shower or tub, come over to the spa. The animations in the appliances are very good quality. One of my favorites is at the washbasin in the jacuzzi area. I just shaved there, and combed my hair, then followed that up with the same, in Real Life. Such an inspiration!

Click here to visit the spa in Second Life.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Photo: courtesy of Vita Theas, the curator of art exhibits at Wolves' Land.

My new exhibit, Reduced Territory, is currently showing at Wolves' Land. I was invited there by Vita Theas. I took the opportunity to create an exhibit honoring the wolves, among other creatures. In accord with my environmental concerns, the installation graphically illustrates the encroaching human cities on the ever diminishing wild life habitats. I hint at nature as being nothing more than a picture on a billboard spilling onto a landscape as small and tame as a little corner park surrounded by construction. The wolves run to a boulder in the park, as it is the only space left for them to go. My description that reads on the sign seen in the installation itself, reads:

Squeeze the forests down, and seize the oceans!
We are masters of the Earth: the great builders, shapers of the planet.
Wildlife runs, swims, flies, and crawls to leftover spaces.
They cannot escape our growing appetite.

As the last wolf packs run up the sole remaining wild rock,
we congratulate ourselves for our nations.


Sunday, July 5, 2015


Dismantling 'City Inside Out'. Nearing the end.

     At around 10:30 pm SLT, on June 30, City Inside Out had vanished. It’s always very hard to see an exhibit disappear. While dismantling the installation over a two day period, I had taken the advice of some friends who suggested saving it. This meant linking the parts of an enormous build. The last two days then, was uncompromisingly busy. To compound the challenge, the last day happened to fall on a Tuesday, when SL performs its maintenance. My Edit window was powerless against the oddities occurring all around me. I logged in and out to try again and again. The work had to be finished no matter what, even during this unfriendly storm of malfunctions. Around midday things had calmed down, and I could keep working uninterrupted by the server’s glitches.

     I don’t know if the exhibit will ever be rezzed again, but I did make a tour of the city which includes most of the parts of the city, as well as the stories people wrote for PHASE 2 of the exhibit, about their observations of homelessness.

Click this link to watch the film tour: CITY INSIDE OUT

     Many thanks to the people who sent me their observations in text, and Eupalinos’ picture of the exhibit. Listed in order they appear in the chapters:

Hypatia Pickens
Betony Greggan
Shantal Zhora
Persephone Emerald
Medora Chevalier
December Grey
Akiko Aki
Eupalinos Ugajin (picture)
Nox Solitaire
Terra Tepper
Bloduedd Athena
Fay Bishop
Janus Rhiadra
Lilia Artis
Marea2007 Praga
SuzyDuzy Dazy
Art Oluja
Bamboo Barnes
Judy Muircastle


Saturday, March 21, 2015


CITY INSIDE OUT by Haveit Neox
Opens Thursday, March 26 at 1 PM SLT
At the LEA20 sim in Second Life.

GROUND LEVEL looking skyward. Pennies from heaven, and promenade.
Photo courtesy of Lilia Artis.

About the exhibit:
     To someone without a home living on the streets, the bustling city becomes one united exterior. "City Inside Out", explores a world that lacks interiors. Entering any doorway opens onto yet another exterior. Some pedestrians throw coins into the beggars’ hats, others bark insults to their faces. Joggers, dog walkers, groups of boisterous friends, clean people in new clothes, romantic couples, cell phone conversations, shiny traffic, wash their daily tides of health and prosperity past the homeless. Late each night, the people living on the streets are confronted by another kind of crowd, dangerous as the sharp knife and gun. They are defenseless, even within their own bodies. Sensations abound, prickly as lice and poisonous insect infested clothing, blurry as sight without glasses, with ringing ears of imaginary voices, and resignation to untreated illness. The survival test is administered without consideration for those who will see the next day.

SKY LEVEL. Wine bottles climbing the walls.
Photo courtesy of Lilia Artis.

SKY LEVEL. Infested Jacket.
Photo courtesy of Lilia Artis.

Layout of the exhibit:

     Built on three levels, the eroding exteriors infuse themselves into the air space of the sky, onto the land of perpetual traffic, and below the land, completing the dominance of the harsh realities into every possible corner. The unbelievable stories of these people are hung out to dry in the wind.

SKY LEVEL. Dry Fields.
Photo courtesy of Lilia Artis.

Location on Second Life: LEA20