Saturday, October 19, 2013


Partial view of the installation.

Beginning tomorrow, Sunday, Eupalinos Ugajin's group exhibit "Moving Islands" will open on the sim LEA20 in the Second Life virtual world. I will be one of the participating artists. Most of the 'rafts' are scripted so that they interact on the mirror slick ocean (and in some cases below the ocean's surface). I went by to see how the sim looked with the rafts in place, which is quite astounding. Derek Michelson and Oberon Onmura wrote scripts which many participants used. The exhibit will evolve over its run from now into December.

Click HERE to visit the exhibit.

The photo above shows the pieces I made. The composition is called "Mythic Raft"

I plan to update this day's blog as other infos come available.

The artists in Eupalinos' exhibit, as listed on the invitation texture:

Alpha Auer
Artistide Despres
Aston Leisen
CapCat Ragu
Cica Ghost
Cutea Benelli
Derek Michelson
Eupalinos Ugajin
Haveit Neox
Kake Broek
Kikas Babenco
Livio Korobase
Maclane Mills
Marmaduke Arado
Maya Paris
Meilo Minotaur
Merlino Mayo
Oberon Onmura
Ole Etzel
Pallina60 Loon
Scottius Polke
Simotron Aquila
Takio Ra
Uan Ceriaptrix
... and it is possible the list will grow. Stay tuned!


I made a film that takes place in the Moving Islands installation. It's called "ProjectSciFi 2013 LAST GREEN"
Click HERE to watch the film.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Overnight Development at Darkrodin Pier

Darkrodin Pier leads up to the cliff side neighborhood of Medusa Locks.

     For a year, the pier had no structures on it, except for traces of ruins and boardwalks from previous developments. Once a home to the Visitor Center, gardens (most notably Herolds’ Knoll: a hill top garden which exploded like a volcano, leaving the ocean pocket where a plaque commemorates the Prim Mausoleum which used to stand here), the remaining fragments of land now support the extended village seen in the photo. Built in one day, with a meagre prim allowance, my dream of having an urban neighborhood finally comes to light.

Houses surround Darkrodin Plaza, a small open space which has seen
many alterations in its years of existence.

     The houses are only two prims: A hollowed phantom cube, and a roof. By necessity, this neighborhood has to be minimal in prim usage, as the sim’s resources are stretched. Last night and again this morning, I worked on ideas how to ‘furnish’ the interiors with no more than 1 prim each. There are two approaches I’m currently working on. The first is simply to make the interior walls of an interesting architectural texture and brought down to 50 % opacity. Therefore, from the interior, you look onto the neighboring views, veiled in a pleasant composition. The effect comprises multiple layers in some locations. The second approach is to make animated panels using Prim Generator. This way, I can produce several objects using only one prim count. The sculpt can then be pulled to conform to the interior measurements of the house.

     I also placed a gift temporarily in one of the squares.

     About the textures: Most of them are what I sketched roughly of a Venetian fa├žade in charcoal. Taking this into Photoshop, a couple variations help to give variety to the pier. I superimposed in some areas of the texture an African charcoal drawing I’d made a few months ago. Being roughly drawn in charcoal, the styles complement each other.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ARIETE NEL CUORE at Maze Gardens

I purchased a statue by SL artist Maddomxc (based on the RL work of Mazzieri) for Maze Gardens. The luminous golden figure holds a rotating globe in the left hand, and leans back with all the weight of the world in his/her thoughts. I'm not sure if the model is male or female. I found the ambiguity particularly fitting for a public fountain, where visitors will see him/her as they choose. On Google Translate, the Italian is rendered as 'Ram of the Heart'. I don't know the story behind this title, nor am I sure if that was a correct translation. For the present, it remains a mystery to me, while the artwork itself shines warmly in its new home along the North Shore edge of Maze Gardens.