Sunday, March 27, 2011

VENISON OPTERA at the Museum on Cranberry Dock

Venison Optera

Currently showing at the North Wing of the Museum on Cranberry Dock.

On the ACC Alpha sim.

Visit the Museum (

Several months ago, a friend sent me an lm to see the works of Venison Optera. Enthralled with her carefully worked illustrative style and subject matter of an imaginary and psychologically rich animal world, I found myself standing for a long time before her small gem-like works, taking a journey into the art, letting my imagination go free. Below is a statement written by the artist about her connection to her work. I wish you a fine adventure of 'creative play' throughout Venison's exhibit.

Haveit Neox

Artist Statement:

A few years ago I had the sudden urge to set aside serious art practice in order to try my hand at illustrating my many morbid childhood preoccupations. As a professional artist who rarely had the occasion to draw or paint, I often had to explain myself to people who did not understand that some artists are not image makers. It's while exploring these more amusing aspects of traditional artmaking that I slowly rediscovered the pleasure of creative play, something which had been discouraged by a formal art education that no longer considered illustration a relevant artform. How fitting it is to have found a home for these works in Second Life where the ease of a virtual lifestyle lends itself so perfectly to simple childhood joys.

- Venison Optera

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