Friday, October 12, 2012

BURN2 2012 Our Preparations

Post #1: 


     Lilia Artis and I are collaborating together for a display at the Burn2 event, which will be opening toward the latter part of this month. Our piece for the moment is titled: “Be Fruitful and Multiply”… though there is a twist to this meaning, as the visitor will no doubt notice. It is an interactive exhibit with a bit of chill, and a bit of fun. When complete, you will be able to follow a mini hunt to acquire the gear needed to escape a very sticky situation.

     The scroll is drawn on photoshop… both on my computer and that of Lilia’s. The surface of the image was built up in turns… I would draw something, then send it to Lilia who added to it, who then sent it back to me to add more, etc, until we were both satisfied that it was the right complement for its surroundings. This was a very enjoyable art activity for both of us, sharing our designs in such a manner. The builds also fall within the vein of collaborative sharing. We work together to arrange the builds until it seems to fit well onto the site.

     When the even opens, I’ll post the landmark here for transport.


Post #2: 


     I am hoping to be accepted into the Renaissance Hunt coming up in December. For that, preparations are under way to bring a few new changes to the House of ACCentaury where hunters would land. I removed the previous 2d to 3d illusion of golden people climbing flights of stairs, and reaching for boxes at the top. It was one of the more challenging illusions I’d made, but I made the decision to periodically change the display under the dome of the House of ACCentaury, so that it has something new to see for repeat visitors. This approximates to some degree the window display concept of shops. I woke up last week with an image in my head… a bicycle wheel with a collection of figures holding the spokes in place. (In RL, I love to ride a bicycle). After applying my poses to the wheel, I added a simple rotation script, then rode down a hill where there was a stretch of fine dirt, and rolling my bicycle tires into the fine sediment, I captured its print in a photograph. Then returning home, the photo was altered in Photoshop, and brought into SL. The dirt texture is animated, so as the tires turns slowly, the dirt trails behind it, giving the illusion that the wheel is actually travelling.

     CLICK HERE FOR THE TELEPORT to the Wheel. You can also visit by clicking on my profile, going to picks, and choosing MY SHOP. You can’t miss the slow spinning tire, it’s rather big!


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