Friday, November 30, 2012



     The waterfalls inside the Library of Darkrodin gushed their powerful overflow now that a new tributary has increased its volume. Water built up tremendous pressure against the hill, and an ensuing mudslide swept through the weakened land covering the North Shore entrance to the Library. Only fragments of that structure peer through the new cliff side.

Two domes from the Weeping Gate peer through the mudslide deposits. The original building still lies behind the cliff, but the Reader statue has washed away.

     The Weeping Gate, having been entirely buried, is currently replaced with a natural tunnel that formed in the new land formation. Entrance to the Library from the North Shore is now gained by climbing among these sheer walls of rock into the cave passageway. The Library’s balcony was altered to accommodate access.

     Among treasures washed from the library into the cave is an ancient scroll that had been on display for over a year. It is now displayed au nature.

     To find the new waterfall cliff, simply fly to the north shore of ACC Alpha. You can’t miss it.


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