Sunday, December 30, 2012


As a yearend project, I decided to work more on my prim writing system, which I call PrimChords. A month or two ago, I reworked and simplified the grammar, then lost my notes. The final days of 2012 inspired me to work with it again. In order to figure out a system, it has to be used, so currently I’m slowly translating a book recently purchased about writing an artist’s journal. I had kept artist journals for years before, written in both English and a language I invented. The last few years, I let that fall aside, but feel now is the time to return to that practice. The author of the artist journal book has fresh ideas that are very inspiring. I’ve only reached the beginning of chapter two, because I’m following the exercises. This really isn’t a new year’s resolution, but something that could hold value for expressive needs.

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