Thursday, January 30, 2014

Paper Observatory's Last Full Day. Removal on Friday.

     To think I almost wasn't able to accept Secret Rage's extremely generous offer to build a full sim exhibit at LEA. I was working on two other projects, and didn't see how I could manage a full sim in addition. Plus, the invitation came two days before New Years, and the exhibit would have to be built quickly, for I would have the sim for only the month of January. Then it struck me, this was a golden opportunity I couldn't pass up. For months, I'd been leisurely considering working on plans to make a variation of the Paper Tower at ACC Alpha. In addition, I'd been visualizing a city with a skyline resembling a satellite dish's dip. To fashion a city that looked like a giant lens. I could see it in my head, but I didn't have enough prims at my sky studio to attempt such a project. I accepted Secret Rage's invitation and got right to work.

     It's been a very exciting experience, and the feedback has been so encouraging. With only a bit over a day left, I'm rushing to finish up as much filming and photographing as I can in preparation for the machinima. I'm also preparing for my next exhibit opening the day after, Feb 1, which I will include in the next post.

     For those who were able to come see the Paper Observatory, I'm very grateful that you did. And for those who weren't able to visit, I will post the link to the film I'm planing to make on this blog, probably sometime around April.

The Paper Observatory at the LEA21 sim in Second Life will be disassembled in the evening of January 31 (Friday).


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