Friday, February 21, 2014

PHASE TWO: The Paper Tower Court.

Photo: Trial placement of the Paper Observatory at the base of the Paper Tower. Until the Tower is safely removed to Inventory on April 10, I will have to wait to tweak the proper fitting. It is very hard to tell exactly how it will look as the two buildings overlap for this temporary trial. The following months will undoubtedly see additional adjustments. 

PHASE TWO of the Paper Observatory Project has begun on the ACC Alpha sim. On Feb 19 and 20, the four connected studios composing the Studio of Builds Arena (now called the Paper Tower Court) were replaced by the four new independent standing studios. They are in the style of the sim, and increase the amount of air space circulating in the court. This open architectural feature is meant to create a gesture, like arms reaching skyward toward the hovering structure above.

PHASE ONE was in two parts, beginning in December and continuing into January. Along the perimeter of the shark aquarium on the ground floor of the Studio of Builds, three paper crescent buildings were erected. Soon after this, the Paper Observatory was rezzed on LEA 21 during the month of January, and refined as the weeks rolled on. It was the test area to see in 3D how the ideas in my head really appeared in the context of a city.

PHASE THREE will dramatically unfold on April 10, 2014. On this day, all the preparation that has come before will yield the result. The Paper Tower will be taken into Inventory, and replaced by the Paper Observatory. As this 4 year old build has much nostalgic value to me, it’s unlikely that I will trigger a collapse. Instead, the links will be taken into Inventory with care and respect. But a show will follow, beginning at 2 pm SLT after the Paper Tower will have been removed. Instead of destruction, it will be an imaginative play on construction, in which the public is invited to participate in this interactive festival. Read below for the event description:

     The Paper Tower, the enormous landmark of the ACC Alpha sim, vanishes. On April 10, the 4th anniversary of the Paper Tower, it will be taken into Inventory and be replaced by the new Paper Observatory. This will take the form of a spectacle: the Carnival of Architecture. Visitors to the event can choose to wear selected architectural features and fly around dressed in walls, pillars and domes, joining others in collaboration to build a humorous version of a restless Observatory. At a certain point, the new Paper Observatory will descend onto the festive revelers, bringing the anniversary into a raucous finale of performance art.

At the Paper Tower Court, on the ACC Alpha sim.

THURSDAY, April 10, 2014.
1 pm SLT. Paper Tower is taken into Inventory.
2 pm SLT. The Carnival of Architecture begins.
2:30 pm SLT. The public participates. Free vendors with architectural parts will be placed on site for the public to dress in building parts. At this time, the new Paper Observatory will descend onto the scene for the finale.

As I will be working at the controls for this event, my chat window will most likely be closed. I need full concentration to bring on the performance. I'll get back to people who wanted to speak with me when I bring up the chat window again after the performance. Thanks so much for your patience!

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