Saturday, May 24, 2014

HPMD (Happy Mood) at the Plateau of Man

Aerial view over Plateau of Man Park. The addition of 4 new trees
softens the landscape with rich, yet delicate detail.

     SILK ROAD 5 is just around the corner: the upcoming month of June. This year, the theme for the grid-wide hunt is Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves… a story I loved as a child, and one of the many early influences that lead to my continued interest in Asian cultures. Not only did I make a couple decorative changes inside the House of ACCentaury to accommodate the theme, but also, I wanted to enrich the landscaping in the park that visitors overlook from inside the building. I went shopping, and arrived back home with some new trees and orange flowers from Happy Mood (HPMD). Their trees are painterly, like washes of water color. The pastel effect helped soften the old gardens of the Plateau of Man. I removed a few of the older plantings, and laid in 4 HPMD trees, and a small bed of flowers to relieve the uniformity of green grass. 

Bed of orange flowers encroaching on the grassy field
before the Steward's Fountain.

     These few changes brought a huge difference in the feel of the park. There are not enough trees to suggest a forest, but their large trunks and generous canopy of leaves plot spaces such that the visitor sees the sites in the park as partially veiled. This is one of the things I love about trees. They are beautiful in themselves, and they also create mystery about the places behind them, which we cannot yet see in full, until traveling beyond them.


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