Thursday, February 5, 2015

Centaurs’ Hall on the Verdigris sim.

View onto the new amphitheater leading up to Centaurs' Hall.

Current installation in the main length of the Hall.

     Vintage Village on the Verdigris sim (built by Oriolus Oliva) is one of Second Life’s icons. A picturesque Hungarian village built precariously on a half collapsed bridge shapes the storybook-like atmosphere of the sim. It is a unique city plan well documented by photo enthusiasts. As of Feb 1, I have been building across the river from the Village on a quarter of the sim. The energy I felt at facing such a beautiful build inspired me to burn the midnight oil for 3 days. I knew almost instantly what I would fashion. To begin with, I planned an amphitheater facing the Village, placing it on stage so to speak, from my parcel’s perspective. Then behind that a main structure, which enjoys the views across the river. My parcel is called Centaurs’ Hall. It is devoted to showing artworks.

One side of the Czardas GreenHouse cafe restaurant. The food is rich, so stay a while!

       Attached to the large Hall, is a café restaurant called the Czardas GreenHouse (yes, it is built inside of a greenhouse). I furnished the interior of the restaurant with lavish décor and abundant food. From various rooms of both the greenhouse and Centaurs’ Hall, fine views onto Oriolus’ Vintage Village encourage exploration.

Looking from the stairwell of Centaurs' Hall onto the distant Vintage Village.

     To visit Vintage Village in Second Life, type Verdigris into Search. It will land you in the middle of the sim. Above is a high wooden bridge that links Vintage Village with Centaurs’ Hall. 


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  1. It has been a nice place , but now your art makes the place excellent !!