Friday, April 1, 2016


Bridge of Quests on the Sparquerry sim.
Ziki Questi pays close attention to all aspects of her artwork.
On the reverse side of each work is a canvas backing with information.

    Recently, Ziki Questi added new works onto the Bridge of Quests at Sparquerry. The bridge was built for a RL art festival where several SL sims (including Sparquerry) were accessed onto a computer and projected onto the wall at the museum. That exhibit was called Currents 2012, which was shown during June 2012 at the Santa Fe International New Media Festival. I asked Ziki at the time if she would line the bridge with her work. It was in one of the parts of the exhibit which represented optimism, and she brought in works that lifted one's spirits. These beautiful works remained for years on the spot, until recently she had the idea to replace them with pictures she's taken of my own exhibits, so it would fit the style of the sim like a custom glove. She didn't say it in those words, but it's what she has accomplished. Ziki has a marvelous eye for composition. I'm always surprised how her personal interpretation of what she sees takes on such a unique balance. She has brought this wonderful gift to the sim, and it's there for visitors to see at any time. She made a post about this on her blog.


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