Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The new lawn makes the park feel more open, but if you cam beneath the blades
of grass, you will see the original landscaping which endures year after year.

     The old House of Accentaury, established in this building in early 2012, had once been a shop, then a meditation hall, and now a restaurant with the new name: Menagerie Court. Not only was the interior redecorated, but the park which it faces has also been simplified with a wide open lawn. Conforming to the theme of the sim, more animals find their home in this quarter of the city. The restaurant is set up with seven tables so there is plenty of seating for visitors, a stage for entertainment and / or lectures, and even a special soy turkey! When clicking on a chair to sit, the guest will see a menu, for which they can choose a meal. You can find the restaurant at the ACC Alpha sim, on the high plateau in the city.

Dine in comfort, and enjoy the peacock entertainment. You can pet the tigers
at the fountain. Once seated, click your chair for a menu of meals.

     I made a film of Menagerie Court HERE. Many thanks to the people who arrived on the sim to be included in the video. It was a wonderful couple days.


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