Saturday, July 15, 2017

SL RAIL transportation system comes to Accentaury

Riding atop the Trestle Lock overlooking the bay and Paper Tower Court

     For the past two days, I’ve been setting up a transportation system in the city of Accentaury. There used to be a tram there years ago, but it didn’t work properly. In fact, the trestle that expands over the bay is the only remaining artifact from that extensive system from 2010. I kept a couple pieces of the original track intact for history sake, but as of this week, the trestle fulfills its original function once again.  I found the SL Rail this week while exploring a pet cemetery. That sim was fascinating, and after viewing headstones people left in memory of their beloved pets, I saw the train tracks on the edges of the sim. After a very pleasant ride, the next step was to find the vendor! The quality is quite smooth and user friendly.

     As of this writing, there are 6 stops that compose the route in Accentaury. You can catch a vehicle at any of the stops, and click on the appropriate board for the direction in which you wish to travel. I placed a red arrow pointing the way above each vehicle generator so the visitor knows which to click to rezz the car in the desired direction. Once onboard, simply left click the vehicle and you’re off. The scripting is excellent, so anywhere along the way, you can click the car again and it will stop. Another click and you start again. Once you stand, the vehicle instantly disappears.

The four stops between the ends of the line each have two ride generators, which rezz
the vehicle. Left click the generator which has the arrow showing the direction you
wish to travel. 

I clicked on both generators for this photo so you can see how the vehicles rezz
in the direction of the red arrows. The unused vehicle here vanished in one minute
because no one was sitting in it. You can start and stop your car at any time by
clicking anywhere on the vehicle. Toggle it on and off as often as you want. Once
you stand, it will disappear instantly.

Currently the six stops are:

1. Trestle Lock (overlooking Paper Tower Court)
2. Plateau of Man Park
3. North Shore (shopping and an entrance to the Library of Darkrodin)
4. Museum and Maze Gardens
5. Sunken Gallery at the Museum (bring a snorkel)
6. Darkrodin Pier (Paper Village)


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