Saturday, August 4, 2018

A glimpse of Haveit's real life

From the film "A Village Awakens"

Recently, I posted a film on vimeo about some of my real life work from the time before I found Second Life.

Please click HERE to watch the film.

Description posted on my vimeo page:

I love to build cities in gardens, or in the pixelated landscapes in Second Life® as my avatar Haveit Neox. This village is what I made for my garden. I sculpted it from both earthenware and high fire clays, which I decorated and glazed. The village is quite old and weathered naturally by the elements. I have awaited this for a long time, as a sense of history bathes the decomposing walls. The film captures the village after a long period of quiet. It has been sleeping under its cover of leaves since I discovered Second Life® in 2009. Only last week did I decide to clear some of the streets and plazas to make room for its awakening. I thank my friend Lilia Artis for coming up with the title for the film.
Filmed in my garden in the States, July 2018


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