Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Film about 2nd Libations by Spiral Silverstar


The very talented Spiral Silverstar created the film below which takes you on a comprehensive tour of Second Libations. It's in two parts.

Second Libations- Pt.1

Second Libations- Pt.2


Note that maps of the exhibition are available in distribution box 5, located halfway down the colossus, and also inside the main entry of the Temple of bots. They are handy references for getting around.


As mentioned before, there will be a dramatic end to Second Libations on New Year's eve, Dec 31. The year 2012 issues in at that moment... is it really the end of the world? Come see. I will post the exact time the adventure begins, but for now, to try to accommodate as many time zones as possible, the show will probably be set at 2 pm, SLT. (SL time is Pacific Standard Time). You may want to be there, and bring your camera :)

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