Sunday, February 5, 2012


Feb. 4, 2012

MEDUSA GALLERY KITCHEN moves to Sparquerry.

The Medusa Galley Kitchen, only a month old institution in ACC Alpha, is already in the process of being transfered to Sparquerry. The reason for its removal is based on ACC's deficit of prims, in conjunction with its new project to build up a merchant's quarter on the Plateau of Man. A sim should always have a reserve of at least 1,000 unused prims. ACC Alpha was down to 500. Its sister sim, Sparquerry is able to absorb the kitchen (café), and so today, the lengthy process of transferal began. Unlike its original location at the pier, in Sparquerry, the galley was placed right atop the Tree House, so that the bow of the ship shaped café sails thru the jungle's tree tops. Going to the top from the forest floor is an expression of verdant density. The views are far reaching from the top.

The photo above shows Two Ships facing each other. The one on the right is the newly arrived café (incorporated into the older build of the Tree House). The one on the left at ACC Alpha will soon be taken into inventory.

How to get there: Type Sparquerry into your map. There is a jungle before the main entrance to the Temple. Walk up the hill in the jungle and you will come to the scaffold-like structure of the Tree House. Walk up. All the way. Have a warm meal. Write a story at the typewriter, kick back, swim upstream on the flooded ship deck, or bake some bread.

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