Friday, February 17, 2012



(Event occured on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14)

I couldn't have known the enormous mistake I was about to make. The day started out most promising. My friend, Lilia Artis, had offered some wonderful decorating suggestions at the Caravan terminus parcel. Along the ramp, I had 6 very small pavilions which were nearly identical to my Binary Stable (see the original at the House of ACCentaury by the Sea). The wooden sections were dark. Lilia imagined that rustic, but colorful textures could enliven the look of the area, so I followed her advice for a very effective result. She also addressed the three small ramps I'd made leading to the lowest pavilions. Lilia asked permission to build. She constructed three low prim, but very attractive stairways as well as a gangway that runs parallel to the main ramp avenue. Next, she decorated two of the pavilions with her wares (LilArt Creation) while I arranged my paintings in the remaining houses. I should have left it all alone, but an idea for improvement kept nagging me. Wanting to link more land from the adjoining parcel to increase the number of prims we could use, (but not fully understanding permissions and the mathematics of parceling), suddenly hundreds of my prims flew into lost and found. It didn't stop there. Lilia's items were all returned, as well as the few prims Derek Michelson had in the parcel. Approximately 700 prims went missing, and yet Caravan showed that it was full to capacity and I could not return the items in lost and found to the parcel. WHAT to do?

First, Lilia came to my emotional rescue. When she got notices in her email that prims were flying into her lost and found from ACC Alpha, she logged in to see what was happening. She contacted me, and when she learned how extensive the damage was to my builds, she transported immediately to console me. Her presence was a huge moral support. But it was also practical support. She knows that when I obsess about something, I often carry worry into disastrous fixes. She advised me to wait till I could consult with Derek.

Derek Michelson came to the rescue (as he has done numerous times in the past). He instructed me to address ownership of the sim's parcels and to increase the object bonus to ten to make sure no other parcel would return prims from potentially over crowded parcels. In so doing, we could safely restore usable prims to the Caravan Terminus parcel. It worked flawlessly. But because my soft links included various permissions, I had to manually position the large links back to their original place, a process which took two hours. Lilia on the other hand, had more accommodating permissions which got her items back home in only minutes by simply clicking the box: Restore to Last Position.

The moral of the story is simple: Don't be stupid, but when you are, you can depend on friends.


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