Thursday, May 31, 2012

the santa fe international new media festival

I have the great pleasure to announce that I will be one of the artists showing at currents 2012. Please read on...

currents 2012, Santa Fe's annual citywide event, will feature the latest developments in the New Media Arts by over 80 artists from throughout the United States and around the world.

Among installations made of light, the virtual world of Second Life will also be shown at the new media festival. Four artists from our virtual world (Bryn Oh, Artistide Despres, Tyrehl Byk, and yours truly Haveit Neox) will exhibit on the sims they have developed by way of a computer monitor set up at the installation in Santa Fe. Plans are to project this onto a ten foot wall. Wish I could travel there to see SL on such a large scale!
In December, I was invited to participate in currents 2012 after one of the curators saw my exhibit called Second Libations. I have preserved some of the elements from Libations, but furthered it into quite another concept for the upcoming festival, like a modern civilization resting upon the ruins of its past.

My contribution is called “Stirring the Dreams” a full sim installation on the sim of Sparquerry. Tomorrow is June 1, which gives me 22 days to finish up before opening day. This is the exciting part of the installation process where I begin to see a coherency in the works as I fill the spaces. I will be updating this page as new developments are readied.

The story:


     Our nights are filled with dreams - good and bad ones. But a nightmare that persists over months or years may leave a dreamer feeling helpless to escape it. Haunting dreams set the stage for this exhibit at the Sparquerry sim, in the virtual world of Second Life. The scenario takes place in a factory-like structure and I try to match the somber atmosphere of nocturnal disturbances in this artwork. Second Life, this vast 3D computer world where I’ve built my own little corner, is a valuable tool for constructing a three dimensional environment. In such a format, I stir in a new element of light and hope. Now with an equatorial jungle outside the factory walls, and coiffed with a perched ship amid its canopy, the visitor may travel beyond the original dark space into more optimistic outcomes. Experiences and the people we encounter have an influence on our dreams. Therefore, inside the front entrance of the factory, I have installed some poetic works written by my friends in Second Life. Arranged like a Cabinet of Curiosities, they are a collection of pieces whose creators weave a common path, thus keeping my own display company. As a dreamscape is not easily navigated, the visitor may also take a little time before finding the verdant world just outside.

Surfacing above the nightmares, the visitor emerges into a jungle. The factory temple is to the right, and the ship perched among the trees is to the left in the above photo.

The drowned city

Court of Libations

The photo above is a detail from a green dream. It was shot using sunset wind setting.

This section of my installation is near the landing point. From this
area under the sea, visitors will climb up to land then onto a stairway
leading to the sky... if they can find it!

CURRENTS 2012 opens June 22, 2012. The schedule of events and full list of artists are listed on the currents website. Please visit them HERE.

LANDING POINT: Click here to transport.


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