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On view, May and June 2012
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Photo courtesy of Kareena Panthar. 2012
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“A Rusted Development”, an exhibit curated by Rowan Derryth is now open to the public until the end of June, 2012. Rowan had approached me two months ago with an invitation that knocked my socks off. She had a vision for a full sim exhibit for which she wanted me to build the whole city, into which a dozen other artists would populate the spaces with their masterworks. In her own words: “I envisioned an installation where there exists a main build –a ‘development’ – that has fallen into ruin. It is subsequently rescued and repopulated by a selection of artists whose work loosely embraces similar themes.” For this, I needed a story, and wrote a brief history for the Rusted Development which is contained in the catalog which you will be able to read online by clicking here.

Beautifully crafted film by Chic Aeon about "A Rusted Development"

When Rowan first contacted me about her plans, and started mentioning names of well-known and extremely talented artists who she planned to invite to the project (and in fact she did achieve that goal), the realization hit me that I was entering a realm of collaboration for which I had no previous experience, like walking into a fairy tale, and so prepared myself for this most exceptional ride. I built the city over a month’s time, but the magic which is essential in every fairy tale, didn’t start to flicker until the first artists arrived on the scene, rezzing their imaginations into the rusted shell. As the city planner, I stood back to observe this transformation in amazement. Everyone knew what to do, and Rowan herself kept on top of things, working with all of us when she had suggestions, or alterations to discuss. And she is a most compassionate conductor, giving extraordinary freedom of expressive rights to the participants.

Here are the names of the artists who made A Rusted Development possible. I wrote their names on little pieces of paper, scrambled them up, then stacked them up with eyes closed so the order of names below are totally random:

Stephen Venkman
PJ Trenton
Rose Borchovski
Ziki Questi
Trill Zapatero
Bryn Oh
Scottius Polke
Eliza Weirwight
Artistide Despres
Claudia222 Jewell
Blue Tsuki

Please make sure to click for the catalog. Rowan Derryth and PJ Trenton collaborated their excellent writing and photography skills to produce a wonderful tour of the project for you.
Hope you enjoy the exhibit, it is multi leveled from sea to sky within the dome that covers the city. It is a good idea to walk much of the time, because some of the artists have triggers that initiate only when your avatar approaches them.

Yesterday, I received a very encouraging and congratulatory IM from Kareena Panthar. She sent me the photo above as a gift, telling me how much she appreciated the exhibit. I wanted very much to be able to share this fine artistic interpretation of the sim with visitors to my blog. Kareena graciously gave me permission to post it. 

Larkworthy Antfarm contacted me with information about her new film "PANOPTICON" of which some scenes from A Rusted Development are included. Please watch this highly energetic film below:

UPDATE: NicoleX Moonwall has just made these 5 shorts which she filmed at the installation. They are very short, very very short, but a most interesting perspective Nicole chooses.

NicoleX has also made another 4 min film. This is quite an exotic ride into the virtual world, into a drawn world:


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