Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mesh Centaur

I haven’t yet been successful in transferring my textured sculpture into Second Life. I run into every technological road block along the way. Until I learn the procedure, here are some snapshots of a centaur still in the program Zbrush. I sculpted it from a ball in Sculptris, imported it to Zbrush where I added the texture. The painting you see on this piece is from a ceramic sculpture I created, and a new Photoshop piece I made of leaves at my doorstep. From photos I took of the glazed surfaces, the design was transferred onto the 3D sculpt in Zbrush. Derek Michelson has been extremely helpful in the technical instruction, and very patient.  I couldn’t have understood any of the processes involved without his help. While I do not want to cry for help 24/7, he has been most generous with his schedule. 

Working in Zbrush is new territory for me, so it may be a while before both my mesh model and its texture arrive in Second Life. In the meantime, I continue to sculpt.


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  1. Learning Blender myself with the help of Lollito Larkham.