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I made the above film about the Cube Project. I shot it in HD, so you can watch it at better quality on YouTube if you choose that button in the screen above.

The Cube Project is a one week temporary, but huge exhibit sandwiched before the next batch of scheduled installations on the LEA sims. It was a wonderful way to let artists play in a common theme of cubes during the intermission just before the new exhibits go up. The technique of using a limited palette is applied here, where instructions requested everything to be made by a cube, and in black and white. Of course, artists will be artists, and evidence of stretching the limits is evident throughout the 16 or so sims which make up this unusually beautiful collaborative composition. Some cubes have been stretched into rectangles, some are textured with print, and I myself applied cube textures onto alpha spheres, but in all cases, the essence of the cube is preserved. The limited palette unites all the artists’ works successfully into a cubic culture. With so much area to cover while filming, I only hope I included most of the pieces on display. My installation is the landscape with giant spiders in their webs made of cubes. I have two elegantly long legged spiders residing just outside my window. They were the inspiration for my build. The exhibit continues until Sept 1, 2012, after which time, thousands and thousands of cubes will vanish into the infinite void beyond cyberspace.

Here is a list of participating artists:
(Please note: I will update here when I find out any artist's name I may have missed at the time of making the film. The list I have below was taken from Bryn Oh's blog. I add here Rebeca Bashley who made a sweep of finely crafted cubes in a pose similar to a cobra.)

Bryn Oh
Cajska Carlsson
Charlotte Bartlett
Dancoyote Antonelli
Giovanna Cerise
Haveit Neox
Kicca Igaly
L1 Aura Loire
London Junkers
Maya Paris
Misprint Thursday
Nessuno Myoo
Oberon Onmura
PatriciaAnne Daviau
Pol Jarvinen
Rag Randt
Rowan Derryth
Sea Mizin
Secret Rage
Solkide Auer
Remington Aries
Solo Mornington
Tony Resident
Werner Kurosawa
Xineohp Guisse

Added to the list:
Rebeca Bashley

“The Cannery” Kevin MacLeod (
“Potential-15” by Denys Rybkin  (
Sewer sound effect. (

Thanks for watching!
Haveit Neox 


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