Monday, January 21, 2013


     Yesterday, Rowan Derryth gave a tour of ‘A Rusted Development’ which is on the LEA1 sim. She is the curator who selected the artists to fill the spaces in the full sim city I’d built for this exhibit. It was slated to stand for about 2 months, but through welcomed extensions, it has been up for 9 months. I believe it’s time has come however, and at the end of this month it is due to come down.

Rowan leads around 25 visitors along the exhibit

     Rowan’s ability to engage an audience is punctuated with her well organized mind. It’s fun and instructive. She gave the tour, which even in extreme lag produced by the large attendance of avatars, lasted exactly one hour. Just right for Second Life. But I will let her tell you the details when she posts the transcription. I plan to post a link.



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