Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The North Wing Gallery is behind the photographer in this shot. But the expanded courtyard and the new tree are clearly visible.

     The Studio of Builds Museum gets quite a makeover. For the past week, I’ve been doing remodeling of both the North Wing Gallery and Cranberry Dock Courtyard. Around the seam of 2012 to2013, the courtyard was expanded threefold in area. An important consideration while remodeling is to use fewer textures so that the court and the space inside the North Wing are not confusing to the eye. There was a lot of simplifying to consider. As I made progress, it became evident that I would have to address the small tower that was part of the original build from June of 2010. I hate removing historical features, but for a clean sweep of the eye, I made the sacrifice. There are still several areas of the old 2010 build remaining in other parts of the museum complex, but increasingly, a modern air dominates. The old stone bridge over the river was also removed along with many trees. But a gain to the landscape showed itself in the two gorgeous new additions I bought from the Zen Island sim. One is a cluster of bamboo, and the second is one of the most beautiful trees I’ve seen in Second Life. Its texturing and light bark complement the area perfectly. Large pods hang down from the red flower laden branches. Please come for a visit. When in Second Life, go to my PICKS from my profile, and click on MY MUSEUM.

Currently showing at the galleries of the museum:

North Wing Gallery: Paintings by Fiona Leitner. 
Feathered Muse Pavilion: Small temporary exhibit of the works by Hypatia Pickens. 
Bowsprit Well: Images by Nessuno Myoo.

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