Friday, March 29, 2013

LOST ALPHABET: The Illustrated Story

More details about my installation at La Citta Perduta is mentioned in previous posts. Here, you can see the picture book with all 13 chapters. Clicking on each page below will enlarge it a little more for easier reading. (French and Italian translations are available at the installation). But to really experience the story with all its animation, space, and color effects, you need to fly into the 3D installation at La Citta Perduta!

Reviews and Film are listed at the bottom of this entry.

I am very grateful to the people below who have posted information about my exhibit, and to the people who let me know about the posts! Please check out these reviews, photos, and film.



By Sivi Kelberry. This suite of images created by Sivi follows the story faithfully. With her remarkably artistic eye, each of the filmmaker's picture imparts a rich sense emotion. Click to watch the film here.

By Larkworthy Antfarm. A wonderfully colorful rendition of the build. Larkworthy works in layering for an exciting viewpoint of the installation: Click to watch the film here.

By Florentine Writer. A group of 5 films, accompanied by music, with some dramatic angles. Each film focuses predominantly on one area at a time. Click to watch the films here.


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