Sunday, March 24, 2013

Magical Night

     Sivi Kelberry and Akilae Gant built the remarkable Lost Town (Città Perduta), and tonight (Saturday, Mar 23) an extraordinary event was staged above the roof of the Palazzo. The fabulous musical entertainment of REIS and Ald Alter was choreographed around the 13 chapters of LOST ALPHABET. Sivi had placed a giant sphere around the welcoming area with panoramic views to the city below. The show began as the sphere blossomed into exquisite textures. The multiple layers and effects animated the scene with masterful timing. The colorful surrounds within this contained environment flowed with the music and followed the story chapter by chapter as guests danced on the celestial glass floor. It was breathtaking to hear the beautiful voice of Reis and the music of Ald; a finely matched duo. I know I wasn’t the only person who got up in real life to move with the music, often of Brazilian rhythm and other times of lingering moods. People really seemed to be appreciating this spectacle as the special treat it was. Lots of friends were greeting each other in the festive ambiance and enjoying their enthusiastic and fun hosts, Akilae and Sivi. I believe it lasted nearly two hours, and I still wanted more. In the last scene, Sivi was able to somehow brilliantly plan a suggestion of the tower from chapter 13 with its flying pages swirling around its girth, while the music courted the theme. With eyes glued to the screen, the finale produced the kind of moment that marks memory. None of my pictures captured the magic of the ensemble, but I am posting a couple anyway (from the last scene) for a glimpse into a most special night. 

     If you were not able to attend this event, I hope you can still come by to see the installation “Lost Alphabet”. The information is in the previous post below. Please come to visit.


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