Friday, August 16, 2013

House of Memories

The photo is taken from Moeuhane's white chalkboard textured house 
giving onto the other builds in the exhibit, accessible by train.

The group exhibit "House of Memories", organized by Lilia Artis and Moeuhane Sandalwood opens today at 2 pm SLT. They invited Almut Brunswick and myself, to participate. We all created our version of what a house of memories means to us. Each artist renders their 'house' in a unique fashion, whether it be a steaming structure bursting at the seams, travels along the train tracks linking destinations, a 'transparent' house sketched in white chalk, or a miniature mud city of vivid colors.

This is a descriptive excerpt from the notecard written by Moeuhane Sandalwood:

"The only way back in life is paved by memories", writes Almut Brunswick. Together with Lilia Artis, Haveit Neox and Moeuhane Sandalwood she went on this backtrack, to revive memories of a distant or recent past. The challenge the four artists set themselves was to dig deep into their individual experiences and come up with their very own section of "The House of Memories".

Although the installation is much more a stretched landscape than a building, the "House" is the common theme taken up and transformed by each artist in his or her section of Artwood Grounds. Be it colorful, in retro-style, somber or in screeching blackboard-chalk, the four artists created intriguing installations along the tracks of the memory-train.

In "Tracks of Life" Almut Brunswick takes us on a journey through our past - with "crossings and detours, easy cruising and burdensome passages". Lilia Artis depicts the constant flow of memories that build up through a lifetime in "The Past is not Past is not Past...". Haveit Neox has made the mud domes of his childhood playground accessible for spectators in "the backyard". And Moeuhane Sandalwood lets us relive the chills of "The Shadow of a Nightmare past". (see individual notecards at the end).

The exhibits are immersive and some are interactive - so make sure to walk instead of fly - and to enter and touch instead of just cam.

Lilia Artis' gem-like build, "The Past is not Past is not Past" is in the center of this photo.
To the left is a square station by Almut Brunswick, at the end of her line. She built
4 memory stations between which run the functional trams. My dome installation is at far left,
and Moeuhane Sandalwood's house is in the distance in the right of the above image.

The setting is provided by Lilia Artis (groundtextures, terraforming) and Moeuhane Sandalwood (terraforming). Almut Brunswick connected the four individual installations with a memory-train - which she built (including all stations) and scripted. Please set Windlight to "ShadowSet".

The installation is at Artwood Grounds (on the sim: Space 4 Art).


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