Monday, August 26, 2013


Colorful procession on the ancient stairs leading up to the Plateau of Man Park.

     After the “Lost Alphabet” installation closed a month ago, I decided to pull some of the scenes from inventory into the city of Accentaury. Originally, rezzed deep in the ocean, and accessed through a gaping hole in the Library floor (which has since been closed), I began moving them up to the surface of the Plateau of Man Park, as well as the Spilt Gold Corridor below the Studio of Builds Arena.

     This gives a sense of drama to the Park, and though these scenes were originally designed to fit my story “Lost Alphabet”, I have reworked the arrangement of the characters so that visitors can deduce their own stories. Whatever the interpretation, there is a great deal of action which lends vitality to an otherwise tranquil space.

Women with birdcage skirts, run in the Park toward the Wash.

     Recently I’ve made several large changes to the sim. The parading people at the Spilt Gold Corridor lead to the Lost Alphabet Wash Fountain (see earlier post), which in turn gave me ideas for the interior of the House of ACCentaury, the construction of the Black Gate which visually frames the carousel, and finally, reworking the game room which is also on the Park grounds. I’m on a building spree. Who knows what tomorrow brings.


Textures in the upper section of the Black Gate.

     This tower was designed to visually frame the old carousel (when viewed from inside the House of ACCentaury), the carousel being among the oldest structures remaining from the Park’s early days in 2010. Four new textures applied to the Black Gate are among six that I am including in a hunt gift for the upcoming Renaissance Hunt in September. I always apply new textures I make for a hunt onto a building or statue in the vicinity of the House  of ACCentaury, so that the hunters can get an idea how they appear on a build.


Remodeled interior of the Game Room, including balcony plantings,
an enclosed garden (unseen in this photo, is behind the chair) and the artworks of 
Lilia Artis, whose pieces inspired me to undergo this project. The reflecting floor is unchanged,
though the game table is a lower prim mesh version of the original sliding puzzle. 
Warning, the game is addictive.

     The sliding puzzle table is in the western pavilion of the Caravan Tent arcade. You can find this on the north side of the Park. I just installed elegant photo art by Lilia Artis there, which transformed the space. Wanting to further it’s unique qualities, I also added plantings, and squared off a small hedged garden. I always prefer Midday light, but when viewing the chorus in the Lost Alphabet Wash fountain, I suggest also setting Midnight view. The rising mists offer mysterious effects.

The particle mist machine gives atmospheric effects no matter the time
of day or night.


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