Saturday, October 19, 2013


Partial view of the installation.

Beginning tomorrow, Sunday, Eupalinos Ugajin's group exhibit "Moving Islands" will open on the sim LEA20 in the Second Life virtual world. I will be one of the participating artists. Most of the 'rafts' are scripted so that they interact on the mirror slick ocean (and in some cases below the ocean's surface). I went by to see how the sim looked with the rafts in place, which is quite astounding. Derek Michelson and Oberon Onmura wrote scripts which many participants used. The exhibit will evolve over its run from now into December.

Click HERE to visit the exhibit.

The photo above shows the pieces I made. The composition is called "Mythic Raft"

I plan to update this day's blog as other infos come available.

The artists in Eupalinos' exhibit, as listed on the invitation texture:

Alpha Auer
Artistide Despres
Aston Leisen
CapCat Ragu
Cica Ghost
Cutea Benelli
Derek Michelson
Eupalinos Ugajin
Haveit Neox
Kake Broek
Kikas Babenco
Livio Korobase
Maclane Mills
Marmaduke Arado
Maya Paris
Meilo Minotaur
Merlino Mayo
Oberon Onmura
Ole Etzel
Pallina60 Loon
Scottius Polke
Simotron Aquila
Takio Ra
Uan Ceriaptrix
... and it is possible the list will grow. Stay tuned!


I made a film that takes place in the Moving Islands installation. It's called "ProjectSciFi 2013 LAST GREEN"
Click HERE to watch the film.


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