Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Idus December: Night of the Winter Creatures

Happy Holidays!

Lilia Artis, Moeuhane Sandalwood, and myself set up our Winter inspired installation inside the Palazzo of Lost Town (on the sim LAND OF GLORY). It's called "Idus December: Night of the Winter Creatures." A surprise followed. Recently, Veyot made a charming film of our exhibit “Idus December: Night of the Winter Creatures”. If you visit Lost Town, make sure to explore. The creators of the city, Sivi and Akilae, have invited several artists to participate in this Winterfest. A major exhibit called “invisible People” by Rebeca Bashly weaves thru the streets, where textures render the figures transparent when viewed at certain angles.

Lilia, Moe and I worked together on this installation. We took our idea from Rebeca Bashly's exhibit  'Invisible People', and chose to play on that theme, asking ourselves, who then, are the 'visible' people? We each interpreted this in our own way, and brought our vision together in the build. For myself, I've written my viewpoint here:

Invisible people: including the homeless, or people with debilitating fears, hermits, and other estranged citizens live in the shadows of the city. They are invisible either by choice or circumstance. The rest of the citizens remain in the 'light'. We are the nobles, living by the dictates of our particular cultures. Cultures within cultures, we all do the same thing, we single out those who do not fit. Displaying ourselves in the light, laughing at the circus around us, believing ourselves to be exempt from it, we rarely perceive the 'snowballs' coming our way, and when reality hits at given moments, it can leave us chilled.

I could not make an LM to take you directly to the Palazzo, as the sim appears to have a forced landing point on the opposite side of the city. If you look on the mini map, the Palazzo is on the north rim, a little bit West of center. You can't miss the glow inside! If you open the SL map, type in LAND OF GLORY for the sim, and you will arrive to Lost Town.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Veyot’s film touring the Palazzo.


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