Saturday, September 27, 2014


Map of two neighboring sims. Click on the image to see it much enlarged.

     Here is a bird's eye view of the sim ACC Alpha (also known as the city of Accentaury), and the neighboring sim Sparquerry.

     Visitors to the sims will quickly discover that the cities have many layers. The aerial map here is an overhead shot, helping people see the prevalent landmarks and quarters of the cities. The two tours available at Accentaury will give the visitors an idea of the land.

     Short tour: Starts at Cabinet of Curiosities. Hop the unicycle which will take you past various sites including the Library of Darkrodin, on the way to the Camel Pavilion.

     Long tour: Starts in the Merchants' Quarter in front of the waterfall. The horse and carriage will fly you by Caravan Terminus, Paper Tower Court, Paper Village, under the sea, the neighboring sim of Sparquerry, then return to Accentaury, at the small but scenic Darkrodin Plaza. From there you can continue to explore the adjoining Medusa Locks cliffs, or enter the Library of Darkrodin.


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