Monday, September 29, 2014


Poster and graphic editing by Paolo Seaside. Photography of exhibit by Lilia Artis

The party after the lecture tour. Two of the three pavilions seen in this view.

Environmental exhibit by Haveit Neox
Opened Sept 28 2014

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     I received a fantastic surprise yesterday during the opening of my exhibit at Plusia Ars Island. The curator, Marea2007 Praga gave a talk about my installation as she lead the group to all three buildings in which my three stories were installed. She speaks with confidence, clarity, and went into depth about each aspect of the build and its meaning. Marea had not only read my notecard description about the exhibit, but she did her own research, and so expanded what I’d given her into a full talk. I only understand enough Italian to have gotten the gist, which was enough to see the direction she went. I was at once flattered and intrigued by this unexpected gift. And there was still more. Paolo Seaside who is also one of the hosts had asked me to provide him with some photos of the exhibit and any YouTube film that I might find applicable to the exhibit. I searched and found MAN (about how the environment is used by ‘man’), and also asked my friend Lilia Artis if she would take photos of my installation since she is so much better the photographer than I. Paolo received her photos and made the exhibit poster seen on this entry. He also made a promotional film on YouTube for the exhibit which includes excerpts from the MAN film. 

     Watch the films here:
     "Plusia Ars Island"
     Marea added this link for an excellent message delivered by a child:

     Below is the description of the exhibit from my notecard:

     Humanity has devastated the planet. Only three Gods remain: Gaia, the Earth Goddess bleeds internally, her lava burning landmasses, boiling lakes and rivers. Neptune, God of the Sea suffocates in the hot oxygen deprived oceans of dead fish. Horus, the Sky God, gives up the heavens and all his days, freezing time into a mirror.

     The sparse human population lies in wait for death, in disbelief of what the planet has become. They had not imagined that global warming might kill even the Gods. Now, all their resolve can have no effect. The remaining few look around their hot graves. They close their eyes for the last time, their surroundings so unrecognizable, that even death cannot bring them home.

Taking a look at reality:

     It’s almost too late now to change global warming, yet we still have a chance to beat the odds, if we are quick on our feet. Our governments will not do anything of true value for the environment because they have limited imaginations, and center almost exclusively on economics. But I wonder if we, by virtue of being the consumers, might have far more power than our leaders and the corrupt lobbyists. Since half of the global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture, the world population turning predominantly organic vegan could greatly help save the Earth despite the dangerously slow pace of traditional politics. Using our wallets to bring animal agriculture and GMO agriculture to their knees is within our power as consumers. And hey, gaining good health is no bad deal either!




  1. I finally visit there last night , just so beautiful exhibition again !
    Thank you so much for your amazing art works . :))))))

    1. Thank you so much Bamboo! I saw the remarkable works on your flickr page. It's always exciting to see your imagination work with your sense of composition and color, and to therefore see your unique artistic perspective of a story.