Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Library of Darkrodin Gets Furnished.

The Library of Darkrodin was originally a secret cavern for scripting experiments. 
It is inside the largest of the sim's hills. 
The Plateau of  Man park sits above the Library like a roof, 
having been built there to hide the cavern in early 2010.

In mid 2010, it was outfitted into a library with clickable books. 
Starting from that time, entrances have been built where ever possible for easy access.

That tradition of
exhibiting clickable books remains, 
as well as hanging large pages on the walls.

     One thing that I'd never developed in the Library was a sitting area that is really comfortable. The large room is over 4 years old, and has seen several remodels in its history. It used to have a circle of chairs in the middle of the space arranged for discussion groups. Eventually I reduced the number of seats (they were 13 prims each). But this week, the idea hit me to have a very long dining table run along an axis or two in the heart of the room. I told my friend Lilia about the idea. Her response was with another possibility: placing comfortable couches along with some wing back chairs in that area of the Library, something that would induce a reading atmosphere. Her idea immediately struck me as just right. I jumped over to Culprit to see their furnishings, and ended up buying from their Bali line. I enjoyed placing the new furniture at angles that pleased me, each on its own 'raft' of tiles floating on the old reflecting floor of the Library. Then, I simplified the ceiling, and addressed the walls around the harpsichord on the mezzanine floor. It took 6 hours of pure pleasure to make the new changes. Having previously placed my "Lost Alphabet" texts and my Primchords texts on the walls, the atmosphere feels much more like a library. I invited Lilia to see what I set up, and we both sat on some floor pillows to read... as it turns out... the same story.


     And speaking of stories, Lilia, Moe, and I made a machinima film for the UWA's 'Transcending Borders' challenge. It's called "Striding - unknown Roads", and tells about our meeting in real life, and other surprises. Please watch by clicking here.

     I also made a film about the language statue I made for the UWA's 'Transcending Borders' challenge called "Reading Primchords". It refers to the multi-symbol and geometric language I invented for the ACC Alpha sim. Please watch by clicking here.


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