Sunday, July 5, 2015


Dismantling 'City Inside Out'. Nearing the end.

     At around 10:30 pm SLT, on June 30, City Inside Out had vanished. It’s always very hard to see an exhibit disappear. While dismantling the installation over a two day period, I had taken the advice of some friends who suggested saving it. This meant linking the parts of an enormous build. The last two days then, was uncompromisingly busy. To compound the challenge, the last day happened to fall on a Tuesday, when SL performs its maintenance. My Edit window was powerless against the oddities occurring all around me. I logged in and out to try again and again. The work had to be finished no matter what, even during this unfriendly storm of malfunctions. Around midday things had calmed down, and I could keep working uninterrupted by the server’s glitches.

     I don’t know if the exhibit will ever be rezzed again, but I did make a tour of the city which includes most of the parts of the city, as well as the stories people wrote for PHASE 2 of the exhibit, about their observations of homelessness.

Click this link to watch the film tour: CITY INSIDE OUT

     Many thanks to the people who sent me their observations in text, and Eupalinos’ picture of the exhibit. Listed in order they appear in the chapters:

Hypatia Pickens
Betony Greggan
Shantal Zhora
Persephone Emerald
Medora Chevalier
December Grey
Akiko Aki
Eupalinos Ugajin (picture)
Nox Solitaire
Terra Tepper
Bloduedd Athena
Fay Bishop
Janus Rhiadra
Lilia Artis
Marea2007 Praga
SuzyDuzy Dazy
Art Oluja
Bamboo Barnes
Judy Muircastle



  1. Mr.Neox, it was a truly amazing meaningful installation ever.
    I do thank you for your great artworks which gave me so much of emotional involvement, had heartaches & tears so many times at there.
    Also to participate to such greatest art was my huge honor ,
    hope we could visit the city someday again.
    Thank you for absolutely excellent art, when I close my eyes
    I still can see there.
    Best regards Bamboo

  2. When people started sending texts with their stories for me to post on the sim, it opened a new perspective for me about the exhibit. These people, such as yourself Bamboo, enriched the experience greatly for myself, and I imagine for other visitors as well. I thank you for that, and for this most encouraging comment.