Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Photo: courtesy of Vita Theas, the curator of art exhibits at Wolves' Land.

My new exhibit, Reduced Territory, is currently showing at Wolves' Land. I was invited there by Vita Theas. I took the opportunity to create an exhibit honoring the wolves, among other creatures. In accord with my environmental concerns, the installation graphically illustrates the encroaching human cities on the ever diminishing wild life habitats. I hint at nature as being nothing more than a picture on a billboard spilling onto a landscape as small and tame as a little corner park surrounded by construction. The wolves run to a boulder in the park, as it is the only space left for them to go. My description that reads on the sign seen in the installation itself, reads:

Squeeze the forests down, and seize the oceans!
We are masters of the Earth: the great builders, shapers of the planet.
Wildlife runs, swims, flies, and crawls to leftover spaces.
They cannot escape our growing appetite.

As the last wolf packs run up the sole remaining wild rock,
we congratulate ourselves for our nations.



  1. :))) sounds very interesting, have to visit asap!
    I am so glad to have another chance to see your new artwork, Mr. Neox!!