Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Spa at ACC Alpha

Not shown in the picture above are the tub and the shower, but you can see
a slice of the stream behind the masseur.

     The public bath is a key feature in many cultures across the world, and across time. In such countries, the bath is a place where people take cures, or socialize. ACC Alpha joins in, and so I remodeled the interior of a pavilion on the Paper Tower Court. It is currently set up like a spa with semi private areas, all with views onto Equus Fields outside the huge moving window. My hope is that people visiting will relax with their thoughts as if at home.

A day after writing this post, I found a jacuzzi that sits three. I placed one of
Lilia Artis' poem paintings on the wall there, and also a functional
tic tac toe game. This view is looking out toward Paper Tower Court.

     This new establishment on the Paper Tower Court, rests atop one of the oldest surviving structures of early ACC Alpha history. The colonnade supporting the Court was built in early 2010. The buildings atop the colonnade were once in the shape of a drum, but in later years, the walls were broken into sections to eventually yield the three pavilions we see today. The spa is in one of these updated structures.

     If you do some of your best thinking in the shower or tub, come over to the spa. The animations in the appliances are very good quality. One of my favorites is at the washbasin in the jacuzzi area. I just shaved there, and combed my hair, then followed that up with the same, in Real Life. Such an inspiration!

Click here to visit the spa in Second Life.


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