Saturday, June 25, 2016


Second Life 13th Birthday.

The foreground build by Lilia Artis and me,
with the bright and delicious mega cake by Mikati Slade
extending into the background for miles and miles and miles.

     It's ENORMOUS, and filled with great curiosities. I've toured several times on the pod vehicles, as well as walking and flying around, and still have barely scratched the surface. There are art galleries, services, hunts, interviews, etc... a wide variety of exciting things to explore.
     Lilia Artis and I worked on a piece together. It's on the lower left corner of the sim "Captivate". Our theme is a variation of the Centaur Ball that we'd built for Fantasy Faire 2016. This being a build to celebrate the specialness of SL, we chose to highlight the warm experience we had when a good number of people gifted us with their arrival on our centaur sim as centaur avatars. I describe this in more detail in an earlier post about Fantasy Faire. It touched us very deeply, and we wanted to bring it back to some degree for the birthday celebration. Of course, we added new elements to it, and remodeled it extensively, so there was something fresh for the SL13B build.
     I highly recommend celebrating Second Life at its dedicated birthday sims.



  1. Hello Haveit! I know your build was there at an "Art-Plot" where South-West from the Cake Stage, it was really beautiful and great job!

    1. Thank you Mikati! We were very excited hearing we would be set up right next to your cake. It’s always a delight to walk into your extraordinary world of color. We had a front seat view!