Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gem Preiz' Fractal Works at Accentaury

Inside the large gallery room beneath the Library of Darkrodin.
The spiral staircase between the paintings leads up to the Library.

     In the previous run of LEA exhibits, Gem Preiz had set up his new works, as well as a retrospective of his past installations. Lilia and I explored all of its wonders. I took particular interest in a new series he calls “WRECKS”. The awe inspiring fractals, meticulously worked in detail, are complemented by a fine story Gem wrote. Each room, and these were enormous rooms to accommodate the monolithic canvases, included a panel with a page from the tale. The surface of the canvases are comprised of around 20 cubes (I haven’t yet actually counted them) so that when you approach the artwork, you see increasing degrees of detail. The story itself is on a large scale, yet intimate, and beckons the visitor to walk into this environment of outer space, all the walls aglitter with stars enlivening the eternal black upon which the canvases float. I made a film tour of Wrecks which you can watch by clicking HERE.

     Recently, after having the good fortune to acquire some of Gem’s new pieces, I terraformed a small section of Accentaury’s mesa, to create a new ramp leading to the underwater gallery directly beneath the Library of Darkrodin. Remodeling the massive room, I placed five large works by Gem in the new space and the area leading up to it. All but one, are from his installation WRECKS. It’s easy to find the entry. A loggia with many pillars is the only building along the beach on the east shores of the sim. The reflecting pond beckons the visitor to enter. The story is not posted in this gallery, but the whole of it can be read on the film mentioned above.

The Gem Loggia on the beach in the East side of the sim.
Descend the reflecting pond inside the building to access the exhibit.


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