Friday, September 30, 2016

Fallen Gods Ninth Anniversary

     One of the spectacular sims I'd discovered in my newbie days in Second Life was Fallen Gods. Signs indicate that it has just undergone a major remodel in preparation for the anniversary which starts tomorrow. I walked around in awe, as if I were a newbie once again. It remains one of the finest examples of artistry across the grid. I'm quite excited to be able to participate in the hunt. Below you will see two gifts I made for the event. But first, the hunt includes a schedule of exciting events listed here.

Schedule of events held at Fallen Gods 
There are superbly beautiful areas to discover all over the sim.
A plateau above the Fallen Gods store hosts a market area, and this is where
my vendor for the pavilion is set up. 

I made a variation of the Steward's Pavilion at ACC Alpha for this anniversary
at Fallen Gods. It's a gift when you click.
I also made the lady in the background as a gift for the anniversary. She is the
Herbal Medusa. This is in the heart of the ACC Alpha sim, right at the entry
to Paper Tower Court. The serpent and egg ring in the foreground figure is the
key to obtaining the Medusa gift.

CLICK HERE for your taxi to Fallen Gods in SL.
CLICK HERE for a link to Fallen Gods for more information.
Let the entertainment commence! 


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  2. Looks great!
    Before the sim open, I have visit ACC Alpha and took photo.
    Too bad I couldn't get it today but I am sure I will be back for that awesome creation, Mr. Neox!!