Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Preliminary trial in a sandbox for the eroding mud appearance of the city. 

Two overlapping pages of plans for my exhibit: CITY INSIDE OUT

     On Dec. 16, Ziki Questi asked me about my plans for an exhibit at LEA. I answered her in real time, and actually think its brevity was easier to understand than the longer version I had prepared for the LEA application. She posted my response on her blog (Zikiquesti.blog):

Haveit Neox:My build will center on a city turned inside out. The mud city will have no windows, no doors. It will have the look of an old city eroded. Only holes in the roofs gain access to the interiors. But when visitors climb down the ladders, the interiors are actually exteriors — what we see walking the streets. My intention is to bring about a sense of having no home.

     In the photo above, I’ve overlapped two pages from a sketchbook for my upcoming exhibit “City Inside Out”.  The LEA eighth round of Artists-in-Residence program is a very generous outreach to SL artists. 20 sims are made available to 20 artists for a six month period free of charge. Each artist receives one sim to develop during a 4 month period. By the final two months of residence, the sims are open to the public. How luxurious is that! To have 4 months to develop an idea, rework it, live in it so as to have a more intimate feeling for the relation of its parts. The artists will be able to start building from Jan 1. I started early in sandboxes, to test ideas. Once I receive the land, the arrangement and rearrangement of the city plan will be much easier to build. For artists who finish before the 4 month building period, they can have an opening whenever they wish. But we are all required to have at least one event… an opening, or something other. I might do more than one, depending on how things develop. 

     I will post more information as the project grows. With January 1 just two days away... Happy New Year everyone!


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