Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Ossuaricus fends off the oncoming sandstorm.

     Continuing my celebration of 5 years in Second Life, the Neptune Statue I'd set up at Plusia Arts is also now seen (as a slightly smaller version) at the Paper Tower Court. I frequently place builds I'd made for exhibits outside of ACC Alpha back at the home sim. So Neptune has returned to where he was built, but with a sad story. He transforms into a new identity named Ossuaricus: donning the bones from his subjects of a dying sea. In order to accommodate this prim heavy piece, I had to take in the surfing red cow, blue cat, and yellow dog. The telescope at the South Gate was also taken in, as well as the primmy Centaur from Second Libations who stood until this morning on the floor of the Bookbinders' Stairs. Several pieces of falling pillar and a sheet of paper were removed from the Paper Observatory. When this was all accomplished, the space not only yielded the prims I needed for Ossuaricus, but looked cleaner as well.

Get ready for some wild weather! Ossuaricus is just barely visible in the center
of this image.

     The Paper Tower Court is the only desert-like setting at ACC Alpha. It's in stark contrast to the dominant gardens of the sim. So I went shopping... again! This time for a sand storm. The particle effects are great, and it is timed randomly. Sometimes the storm only lasts 30 seconds, sometimes a couple minutes. And the wait between can range from 5 min to 15 min. It's well worth it to me. The Court isn't the only place I set up an emitter. There is also one down at the ghats below Medusa Locks. The wind whips through the tunnel leading to the Prim Mausoleum. It's not desert down there, but somehow the effect works.


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