Friday, December 12, 2014


The decomposing bib of paper announces the main entry to the Paper Observatory
Windlight setting: Sunset

     It has always been my intention to keep refining the structure of the Paper Observatory as it matures. Heading over to the sculpting program Zbrush, I fashioned a bib for the front of the building, so that it would appear that the main entry is a giant tattered piece of paper. Complementing the bib on either side are two waving banners frozen in arcs from a perpetual 'wind'. About a week ago, I added two buttresses from the once existent Paper Tower. Altered a bit in height, these supports give a semblance of grounding to the hovering Observatory. Delicate material tethered to a stake may include ripped sails on a ship, a failing kite in the sky, or sheets having flown off their laundry lines and impaled on some solid object, ripped to shreds by the unmerciful wind. The idea of holding a building made of thin paper in place against the powerful elements sets up a dynamic of braving the elements. At some future date, I may release the Observatory from its constraints, and at that time, the building might seem to float free - for those who will have known it's former arrest.

A glowing city hugs the bay where a galleon performs its trick.

     The interior of the Paper Observatory shows a new installation. Two figures hold up a magic panel through which a ship jumps. The original milky floor serves a new purpose in this exhibit: that of emanating the ocean. Along the 'shores' of this sea, is a city of bright glow. Chairs are set up in various parts of the interior to afford visitors some comfort while they look around, or click for links to watch movies.


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