Saturday, December 31, 2016

Colorful 2016, and Welcome to 2017

Looking onto Venice Under Glass

    To celebrate the year 2016, ACC Alpha has had quite a number of recent changes, and BIG ones which you can read about in recent posts. Refinements continue to be underway, most evident at the sea level of the Studio of Builds arena (right beneath Paper Tower Court). This ancient aquarium from 2010 has been remodeled to fit a small town, warmly referred to by the residents as "Venice Under Glass". It is part of the expansive Studio of Builds museum, and if you fall into the water and sink to the bottom of the sea, you will find yourself in yet another museum gallery called The Dead Mariner's Treasury.

Garden below painting of dancer by Tishati.

Artwork by Ziki Questi at the Orange Gallery.

     Various artists' works can be seen in the arena area, including Tishati's painting of a dancer at the garden. There is an exhibit of Ziki Questi's work in the Orange Gallery in Venice Under Glass, as well as a special exhibit dedicated to "Cruelty of Peace" by Lilia Artis. These pictures of her exhibit on the LEA6 sim will come down today at midnight, so I wanted to preserve it in some way on ACC Alpha. If you read this post before the end of the day, there is still time to see Cruelty of Peace. Both Lilia and I are burning the midnight oil to film her creation before it disappears shortly. I will post a link when it is complete. We intend to spend some time in making the movie, reflecting Lilia's philosophy of making everything from scratch. All the terraforming on her LEA6 sim, mesh and textures are by Lilia, and the film will be the music that she and I create also.

Views of "Cruelty of Peace" by Lilia Artis. Still on view at the LEA6 sim
until the end of  the night December 31.

The Peace Gallery seen in the middle of the photo with melting Baroque
facade is where images from Cruelty of Peace are displayed.

     As 2016 is honored at ACC Alpha, so 2017 is welcomed. On Saturday, January 14th at 1 PM SLT, Paradox Messmer will have an opening of his works at the Dead Mariner's Treasury. There will be an announcement prior to the opening with more information.

     Have a wonderful New Year everyone.


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