Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lilia Artis' exhibit: "The Cruelty of Peace"

     Until the end of December, Lilia Artis is displaying her build “The Cruelty of Peace” on the LEA 6 sim.

     What may appear as a beautifully tranquil setting upon arrival, The Cruelty of Peace has another tale in store for the visitor. It is not a fairytale, but a harsh reality that millions suffer. In this personal view, Lilia focuses on one family unit. In their tragic fall among the vast landscape, one can imagine the sense of solitude one may feel in the last moments just before war burns life away. This is the palette the artist seems to have chosen, a million souls represented by one family. But Lilia goes yet another step further. 

     In her own words:

     "War just never seems to end. It turned into a background noise while we are having breakfast or dinner and live our everyday lives," says the artist. "The news shows there seems to be no limit to the cruelty of what human beings do to other human beings, to men, women, children. And then there is the ongoing destruction of our environment. Hearing about ever growing pollution, a question rises in my head: what is the reality of peace? Is it only possible when the human race becomes extinct?" 

The Cruelty of Peace will remain on display through the month of December. 


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