Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Brother's Tale: exhibit of Silas Merlin's art.

Silas Merlin presents his first full sim exhibit: "The Brother's Tale". It is only up for a short time, so run to see it by Dec. 27. He had not originally intended to announce it to the public, but I asked if I could make a film and tell a few people. Actually, I was nearly whining. I couldn't imagine keeping this from visitors.

Silas has been altering the land textures and windlight from time to time, so this post captures a slot in time with his exquisite pastel land. The film shows an earlier land texture.

If you are able to visit before the sim comes down, make sure to go inside the ruins and walk over its top. It is not a large structure, but the irregularity of the plan expands the feeling of size, and is laid out for a sense of adventure. The organic layout reminds me in some ways to tide pools. What you find inside is of particular interest. Tic the Advanced Lighting Model in preferences for the full effect of Silas' statues, including the goblet on the table inside the ruins. There is also a page of Silas' story written on a book in that same room.

"The Brother's Tale" is on the Pica Pica sim in Second Life until Dec. 27.


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